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Well somebody finally gets it!

Every school should be like mine: four hours a day, three time slots you can attend (morning at 8, afternoon at 12, evening at 5), online classes in case you miss a day, english and math direct instruction, bus stop close by, you can graduate early if you want, you can switch time slots if you need to, and they respect if you have a mental disorder/want to be addressed by a different name or by diff pronouns. You can listen to music, too, and everyone is super chill. Small classes where everyone minds their own business and gets their work done. That is how school should be.

My question is: is the lack of sleep due to school or are there other factors? It’s sounds great, really, but there were many teens that I knew in high school who just didn’t go to sleep because they liked to stay up (and not do schoolwork). Others it was due to school work and sports. But, there were very few students who spent time burning the midnight hour due to school work. Again, not saying I necessarily disagree, but I wonder how this study was executed. 

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