description: 3 photos: a window with a masking tape X, a brown envelope with a red X, and a letter with the following text:

[name redacted]
Homeowners Association

Dear Mr. Mulder,

We noticed over the past few months you have been awaiting information
from Deep Throat or one of your other informants as evidence from the
masking tape X on your upper floor window. Apparently, no one has any UFO
sighting information at this time. We ask that you remove your “Bat Signal” from
your window in holding with the CC&Rs of our subdivision. If you do not comply,
we will send our Tibetan lawn monster after you.

Have a nice day.

Co-President of the
[name redacted] HOA


Sooooo a few months ago I decided to put up a masking tape X on my bedroom window because I’m a nerd like that.

Today, I came home to this ominous envelope and message…

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